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Camera experiments and things making me happy - Melissa Ramirez.



It’s 100% a love story. The best love stories are the ones where they don’t end up together. We very deliberately tried to make it like a love story. She has girl, she loses girl, she tries to win girl back. Just trying to make it feel like it was existing within the tropes of a romantic love story, then letting the reins go. It’s sad. That’s my favorite feeling in movies, that ache.

Greta Gerwig, on Frances/Sophie’s relationship

makes me sad for so many reasons

Makes me feel so many things about my best friend aka my person

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Cole Mohr photographed by Cass Bird for UO Nov10


St. Vincent - Marry Me / Actor / Strange Mercy / St. Vincent


St. Vincent - Marry Me / Actor / Strange Mercy / St. Vincent


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Milk! Records: Deliberately Poor : Mess+Noise

Fantastic Read on putting your own stuff out with friends.  Made me really miss Twin Lemons. 


Angel Olson - Enemy

i wish it were the same
as it is in my mind
i am lighter on my feet 
when i’ve left some things behind…

We Shot Issue 13 & 14 this weekend.  Here is some footage we shot of Surf Curse right after we shot them on Sunday.  

It only took like 90 seconds before the everyone went nuts!

How lucky are we. 

(Apologies for the shitty camera audio)

Here is Issue #11 Featuring Hollows!

These guys are rad! The video has been out for a few weeks and a few people have told us they got into them via the video. It makes me so happy, thats what Stumble on Tapes is all about.  Go Stumble on new music!